Seth Rogen says sorry for homophobic jokes in early movies


The Pineapple Express and Superbad star reflected about some of the questionable jokes in early films in an interview with GQ. The actor said that he had not understood what was wrong about those jokes because the majority of people laughed. But later there were several people who said that everybody else’s laughter at those jokes at the movie theater made them feel, mildly speaking, terrible, because there is nothing funny about it. Seth does not want his films to make people feel this way, so he apologizes. “I think if you actually care, then it’s easy. We do not want people to feel bad when they’re watching our movies,” he says. In a 2016 interview with The Guardian, Rogen conceded that many of his films feature gay jokes which are “blatant homophobia”, citing 2007 hit Superbad as an example.


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