Spice Girls star Mel B refuses to label herself


The Spice Girls singer Melanie Brown (or Mel B for short) appeared on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories just days after she and her bandmates Geri, Mel C and Emma started their British-Irish tour. Being asked how she would define her sexuality, Brown replied that she would rather not do it at all because she falls in love with people without any specific gender preferences. If to specify it, this is very close to the way the term ‘pansexual’ is defined, but as Mel refuses to use any labels, we should respect it. Spice Girls started their tour on May 24th with a concert in Dublin. While many fans were thrilled to see the four back together again, several complained that sound issues had ruined the concert. Mel B acknowledged the complaints in an Instagram story, writing: “We will see you in Cardiff. And hopefully the vocals and the sound will be much, much better, pfft.”


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