Trans patients in Devon have to wait for three years to get to the clinic


Patient numbers have nearly doubled and some have been waiting more than three years to be appointed to the transgender health clinic in Devon. The Laurels, Devon’s gender identity clinic in Exeter, now has 1,723 people on its waiting list for an appointment, which is almost twice as much as it used to be 2 years ago. And when the clinic was founded in 2007, there hardly were two dozens of patients per year, ten years later there were more than 700 . The Laurels is one of seven gender identity clinics (GIC) in England. Waiting times for an appointment at a GIC are often two years or longer, despite the NHS recommending that GIC’s meet an 18-week target for a first appointment. The longest someone has been waiting for an appointment at the Laurels is 1,280 days – 182 weeks, or 10 times the NHS requirement. Two years ago, DevonLive reported that calls for The Laurels to stop taking on new patients were being ignored.


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