GenderGP’s trans patients are unsure about their future as the clinic moves to Spain


As we reported, one of the biggest transgender healthcare clinics in the UK decided to relocate in Spain as their leading doctors, husband and wife, were both suspended. One of their patients, who goes in the media reports under the fictional name Gwen because she is in closet and does not want her gender identity to be publicly revealed yet, revealed in an interview to PinkNews that she is currently on the hormone therapy course which cannot have breaks, and her doctor was made to leave. Yes, the clinic has plans to change the location, but only God knows when it is going to happen and Gwen herself doubts whether she would be able to fly to Spain on a regular basis to get the necessary hormones and medications, as well as doing blood tests, which are supposed to be regular in such case, and as for trying to find treatment options somewhere else, she believes it to be quite unlikely, because doctors from regular (meaning not trans-specific) clinics have repeatedly turned down her and other trans people she knows. “My GP will stop cooperating,” the trans woman says, “so my other option is to ring up the NHS and say, ‘This is a priority.’” But the problem with that is that “a lot of people go to GenderGP because the NHS has screwed them over – the standard of care is so bad, they’ve got nowhere else to go,” says Gwen.


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