George Michael’s family wants to kick Fadi Fawaz out


George Michael’s family is allegedly seeking to remove his ex Fadi Fawaz from his boyfriend’s London home where they used to live together until the singer passed away in 2016. A source close to the family told the newspaper that Fawaz has been receiving requests to leave for all these months, but deliberately ignores them, which makes the situation much harder and the family has nothing left to do but to involve the lawyers. According to the newspaper, Fawaz believes that the singer would have wanted him to stay in the property after his death, but these are just words that found no confirmation in the singer’s will. It was previously reported that Fawaz planned to contest the will, which did not name him as a beneficiary. At one point, it was believed that Fawaz was working on a tell-all book based on his life with George Michael. However it is unclear whether the project is still in the works.


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