Jerusalem ordained its first gay Orthodox rabbi


Daniel Atwood – who is 27 years old and who has been engaged to his boyfriend for almost a year– wanted to lead his local Orthodox community in New York for years, but his first application to become a rabbi was denied, despite completing his studies at New York’s Yeshivat Chovevei Torah and being told previously that he would receive the honor. So, the man decided to move where the roots of his faith are. And this is where rabbi Daniel Landes finally welcomed Atwood in a rabbinate. The new rabbi believes that his appointment will be the sign of change fir those Jews who were rejected by their churches and told that God would no longer love them just because of their sexuality. Jews believe that they were chosen by God, and if you are chosen, than you cannot deviate from Him as well as He cannot deviate from you, so the Jewish community needs their queer part to come back, and now there is a chance for it.


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