‘LGBTQ for Trump’ T-shirts are on sale for Pride month


The T-shirt, which reads “LGBTQ for Trump,” is now on sale for $24, down from $30 on the President’s online shop alongside the MAGA hats. The caption for the T-shirt reads: “Show your pride and your support for Trump with this exclusive equality tee.” It is “proudly made in the USA.” The thing is that Donald Trump has never officially acknowledged the Pride Month since he became the POTUS. Moreover, if to believe the statistics from GLAAD, Donald Trump administration is responsible for approximately 100 direct attacks on the American queer community. “Trump — who banned trans troops, is against LGBT employment protections, wants ppl to be able to turn away LGBT customers, & is denying citizenship to kids of US gay couples born out of wedlock — is selling LGBTQ for Trump shirts for Pride,” David Mack of BuzzFeed expressed his irritation via Twitter


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