Mass gay wedding in Taiwan


Hundreds of gay couples in Taiwan came together on May 24 to celebrate their love and that fact that from now on it is legally recognized in Taiwan, which is the first country in Asia with marriage equality. 280 couples tied the knot the day when the law extending the definition of marriage beyond the monogamous heterosexual unit was enacted in the country, just a week after the parliament gave its approval to make it legally possible. Government offices opened at 8.30am Taiwan time on Friday and gay couples were waiting to walk inside and, after a brief registration process, come out legally wed. Almost a half of all weddings that took place the first day were celebrated in the country’s capital Taipei. In a referendum last November, 72 percent of Taiwan voted against same-sex marriage, but the Taiwanese Supreme Court did not take it into consideration. Around 40,000 people took to the streets of Taipei to show support for marriage equality on May 17.


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