Netflix introduced a love storyline for a gay disabled character in The Society


A deaf and gay teenager Sam (played by actor Sean Berdy, who is also deaf) in the new Netflix teen drama The Society deserves love no less than anybody else. And though it is impossible to create love from nowhere for real-life queer people with different kinds of disabilities, it is possible to give them a hope (and a lesson to their surrounding) by creating a fiction al love story about someone who is just like them. In the storyline between Sam and Grizz (Jack Mulher), tension has been slowly building as they’ve grown closer and Sam has been teaching Grizz sign language, and Grizz is interested how to say ‘kiss me’, which is unlikely to be a simple curiosity. In The Society, Sam explains that he can read lips, so sign language isn’t always used in his scenes. Berdy, 25, told TIME magazine that the cast of the series did not know ASL before and they had to hire a specially-qualified teacher to help them with learning it when they had breaks during shooting, they did a great job, Berdy thinks, he is very proud of them and expresses gratitude on behalf of the whole deaf community.


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