Scottish MP says sorry for slurs against a gay fellow politician


James Dornan, the Scottish National Party (SNP) MSP, has said sorry for one of his Twitter posts, saying that he had been misunderstood. Dornan, who has served as MP for the Glasgow Cathcart constituency since 2011, faced criticism from social media users after he described gay Tory Ross Thomson as MP Boris Johnson’s ‘fag’ in a tweet dated May 25th: “[If Boris Johnson was an MP, he would] be too busy quaffing champagne and telling his new fag, my money is on Ross Thomson for that position, to keep still whilst he uses his back as a table. Honestly I don’t think he cares about Scotland at all.” The MSP tried to excuse himself saying that he actually meant a younger pupil who carries out chores for an older pupil at boarding school, saying that the F-word has an alternative meaning. Even if so, Twitter did not give him an opportunity to explain this, so he should have chosen words more carefully, viewing them from other people’s perspective. There are, unfortunately, much more people who either used homophobic slurs or were subjected to them than those who went to boarding schools and knew their slang.


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