University of Edinburgh holds international trans rights conference


A two-day international conference on the issues faced by transgender and non-binary communities was held in the University of Edinburgh on May 28-29. The conference, TransCon, features a list of international speakers that includes people from the creative world, scientific researchers and human rights campaigners. TransCon is explicitly intersectional and international in its focus and it covers such spheres of life of the transgender individuals as healthcare, employment, social activity and legal spheres, also specifying the way it is covered in the media and what to change for this coverage to be more accurate. TransCon will try to go beyond the idea that being trans is a single-issue experience and instead look at how other intersecting oppressions that trans people may experience – such as those related to class, nationality or disability – affect their daily routine. The conference comes at a time of heightened tension around trans issues in Scotland, as reforms to the way that trans people legally change their gender and gain a Gender Recognition Certificate are being discussed.


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