Gay Indonesian policeman was not allowed to challenge dismissal


On 14 February 2017, the 30-year-old officer – referred to as Brigadier TT in public reports – was arrested on suspicion of extortion and inappropriately questioned on his “deviant” sexuality, according to his solicitor Ma’ruf Bajammal, GSN reports. The officer himself believes that eve3n though there are less gay people than straight ones statistically, it still does not mean that any sexuality can be called deviant. After ten years of service, he was fired in October. Defending the decision, National Police Spokesperson Dedi Prasetyo said it was the force’s duty to follow legal and religious norms of Indonesia that disapprove homosexuality. Brigadier TT challenged the decision earlier this year but on Friday 24 May, his case was dismissed by the court judge who told the policeman that he would have been likely to win the legal battle only if he filed the complaint immediately after the dismissal. “This will not stop,” Bajammal reportedly said in response, suggesting that he and Brigadier TT will continue taking legal action.


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