Gay Muslim activist wrestled to ground by security during Pride in Birmingham


A gay Muslim activist at Birmingham Pride was wrestled to the ground by security and confronted by police officers wielding assault rifles. The authorities cited the absence of the official Pride wristband on him. Ferhan Khan, who lives in London, told local outlet I Am Birmingham that he was initially ushered into the contingent near the front of the parade alongside queer Muslim to challenge the stereotype that Islam is homophobic. Speaking to the outlet, Khan claimed that he dawdled behind the group to greet a friend, only for a security guard to refuse to permit him to return because the wristband was required to enter this area. Video footage captured the moment Khan attempted to walk past the security guard, only to be physically tackled and wrestled to the ground. The clip shows three security officials physically restraining Khan on the hard concrete, as another employee appears to attempt to block the incident from being filmed. Armed police officers carrying assault weapons can also be seen standing next to Khan in the video footage.


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