London’s first live crowdfunding event supporting LGBT+ non-profits raised £22,000


City for LGBT+ was hosted at Macquarie’s London offices this week and was organized by TFN in collaboration with Consortium and Give Out. The fundraising event began with a fireside chat with Lord Browne, former Chief Executive of BP and influential human rights campaigner who was also presenting his new book ‘Make, Think, Imagine: Engineering the Future of Civilization’ on May 28th. Browne spoke of the need for businesses to become more diverse and inclusive, and even if bigotry against the queer employees happens, it should be treated seriously, investigated, punished, and as a consequence – eliminated in future. Speaking in the wake of the Birmingham protests around LGBT+ relationship education, he quoted Lord Justice Adrian Fulford, who insisted on the necessity of constant vigilance. Four non-profit organizations were each given six minutes to tell the audience about the change they want to make and how they would use money pledged in a crowd-funding exercise.


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