Trump official Ben Carson denies misleading the Congress


Trump’s Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson had denied lying to Congress about a plan to gut protections for homeless trans Americans. In a reversal of Obama-era policy, Carson published guidance on May 22 that would grant homeless shelters the right to deny serving trans individuals at all or to refuse to accommodate them in correspondence with their gender identity. However, just one day before the rules were published, Carson had appeared before Congress and denied that he had plans to change LGBT+ discrimination rules, saying he was not sure about what was going to happen in future, he personally would not anticipate it. When the reporters from Fox News asked him whether he considered himself a liar, he said he did not. “The rule [about discrimination] from 2012 is not in any way being altered. The rule for 2016 has had some additions made to it,” the politician said, “But it appeared to me that she was asking whether we were going to eliminate the prohibitions against discrimination against LGBTQ community and we would never do that.”


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