US Supreme Court rejects challenge to trans-inclusive bathroom policy at schools


The US Supreme Court has declined to hear a legal challenge to a school’s transgender-inclusive bathroom policy. Anti-LGBT lobbying group Alliance Defending Freedom had brought the challenge to the policy at Boyertown Area High School in Pennsylvania, which permits students to use bathroom facilities in correspondence with their gender identity. The ADF’s challenge to the law had already been rejected by a federal district court and the Third Circuit Court of Appeals, so they gave it the last try appealing to the highest court of the country, but the SCOTUS ruled on May 28th that the trans-inclusive policy should remain. Transgender ex-Boyertown student Aidan DeStefano said that as soon as he came out as a transgender man the school allowed him to use male bathrooms and to join male sport teams, and that is why he grew up in harmony with who he was, and now he is happy that the Supreme Court gave this opportunity to new generations of transgender individuals.


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