Brazilian man is left unable to walk and talk after a hate crime attack


On 7 December 2018, Jefferson Anderson Feijo da Cruz was out drinking in the city as he celebrated the end of the school year with some friends. At around 2:30am, he told them he needed to go to the toilet and did not come back. According to a tragic post shared by his family, the friends found him naked, unconscious and bleeding. His relatives go on to suggest that Cruz was robbed and that it was a homophobic hate crime. Later, they explain that the injuries to his lungs and brain were so severe he had to be rushed into surgery as soon as the emergency services got him to a nearby hospital. After the operation, he remained in a coma for a month and when “he woke up, it was not the same”. “He had to have a tracheotomy to improve his breathing, he only fed by catheter and he was transferred to the Tricentenary hospital (in Olinda) to avoid further complications in his case,” the post reads, adding that the young man does not move and does not show any reaction to the world outside at all.


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