Hong Kong lawyer says marriage is no longer sacred as gay couples can do it too


Following Taiwan’s ground-breaking legalization of gay marriage on 24 May, a woman has taken legal action against the administration for denying her the right to register a civil union with her girlfriend. Gladys Li, MK’s attorney, said it was “now or never” for Hong Kong to lift the ban. In response to the lawsuit – which is being heard by the Court of First Instance – however, solicitor Stewart Wong defended the ban and argued that LGB+ couples being able to marry would “dilute” and “diminish” the concept of marriage in general. To his mind gay couples differ from straight couples and it is more than enough to treat them differently from the legal point of view and the definition of marriage as a monogamous heterosexual unit cannot be trumped. Even Ricky Chu, the new head of Hong Kong’s Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC), described the push for equality as “impractical” and “a waste of resources” in a recent radio interview. “If you ask the EOC to do something people have already said could never pass [the legislature], then why would we do it,” he proposed to pro-LGBTQ rights host Brian Leung. “My logic is based on realistic outcomes.”


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