Italy elected its first trans city mayor


A small town south of Milan in Italy has elected a transgender activist as its mayor, in a first for the country. Gianmarco Negri received 37% of votes from people in the town of Tromello on May 26th. A 40-year-old lawyer, Negri ran under the slogan “CambiaMenti per Tromello,” which was a play on words between “Changes for Tromello” and “Changing Minds for Tromello.” Negri beat his far-right opponent, Renato Cappa, in the four-way race. Cappa, a candidate for the League, Italy’s right-wing party, came second with 26 percent of the vote. Before starting a mayoral campaign Negri appeared on the local television to tell his transition story that began 4 years ago as he understood that he could no longer lie to himself and he had never been a girl named Maria as his family considered him to be, however hard he tried to fit in. “I don’t know if I consider myself a symbol for the battle of our rights, but I try and do my part,” the newly-chosen mayor says


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