Massachusetts trans boy became a prom king


Nicholas Bulman has been named prom king at his high school in Cape Cod, Massachusetts on May 24, winning a battle with 4 other boys. Nicholas told the local media that it was great and exciting and he had never seen so much love from his classmates before. Lyn Vazquez, class adviser at Barnstable high School, told the Cape Cod Times that there was no problem with nominating a trans boy for a prom king and it was not hard to predict that he would win because he is so kind and gentle that everybody loves him. “Teachers at Barnstable High School felt Nick was a great candidate,” Vazquez said. But for Nick himself the victory came as a surprise, because when he came out as trans last year, he was abused online and it convinced him that his friends might never accept that fact that he is a boy named Nick. But as we see now, he was wrong. “Treat people with love and respect, because you never know what they’re going through,” he said. Bulman used an Instagram post last summer to tell his classmates at Barnstable High School that he was in the process of transitioning. He said that he got lots of support and encouragement.


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