Nike introduced Air Max 720 in a rainbow design


Nike has unveiled its new Air Max 720 trainers, boasting a design that’s inspired by the rainbow flag. As we previously reported, the famous sport clothing brand has announced plans to rebrand 4 models of sneakers in the wake of the Pride month, but Air Max 720 was not revealed up until now. As part of its ‘Be True’ range, the shoes feature a rainbow gradient that goes from pink, red and orange through to blue and purple with the brand’s signature Swooshes in black on both sides. They also have a black tongue with bubble-effect, translucent midsoles that have an autograph of the original rainbow flag creator Gilbert Baker on the outer edge. Nike has also announced that the classic style Air Max 90s are part of the collection too. On top of a black, white and grey base that consists of rubber and a leather-effect material, the shoes features eight ticks, each has its own color from red to pink just like in the Pride flag. The midsoles have yellow accents on them, while the tops of the sneakers have purple, pink, green and orange sections. The sole tips are bright blue. Air Max 90s will set you back $140 while the Air Max 720s are even pricier at $180.


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