Portland church supports trans rights and condemns racism


A pastor in Portland is boosting the bible’s message every week by posting signs to attract more people to his church. For instance, to draw the attention of people of color he posted the sign that read “Harriet Tubman deserves to be on the $20. End white supremacy.” There was also a message to the trans community: “Our transgender siblings have heartbeats.”Reverend Adam Erickson posts messages inspired by the Bible to reflect his views on the news in the world and in the life of his particular congregations. Previous signs supported Muslims (actually, there is no controversy. The concept of Allah in Islam equals to the concept of God the Father in Christianity and Muslims admit that Jesus existed, they just don’t believe that He came back to life after being crucified) and migrants. Erickson moved to the Clackamas United Church of Christ in Milwaukie, Oregon, just outside of Portland, 18 months ago. He began writing the weekly political messages to spread the message of God to his community and build his flock, he told CNN. The number of attendees of his Sunday services doubled when he started to put the signs. He is touched by it, but not surprised, because people love to be loved, and he shows love to them, and this love is only a tiny part of the love God can give.


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