What/If actor Juan Castano credits his gay character for accepting his own sexual fluidity


In a recent interview with NewNowNext, the actor – who plays gay character Marcos Ruiz opposite Jane Levy and Renée Zellweger – said that he had always thought he was 100% straight, but his character on the show taught him that completely straight people just don’t exist and we are all somehow fluid. Some understand it, others don’t. Some lest it out, for others it is hidden deep down their minds never even to be noticed. But anyway, sexuality is always a spectrum. “I think what’s important is that as long as there is a connection with a human being that feels good it doesn’t make a difference if it’s a man or a woman. I would say playing Marcos solidified that for me simply because spending that much time with a character you fall in love with them and what they’re going through,” the actor said. Perhaps better known for his stage work, Castano explained that while portraying Marcos isn’t the first time he’s “played gay,” but this character was explored and expressed as a full personality, his sexual preferences are just a part of who he is, and it gave Castano a huge lesson of who gay people are and how they should be represented.


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