Birmingham school teachers are broken down because of anti-LGBT protests


Teachers at Anderton Park Primary School in Birmingham are reportedly breaking down in tears because of parents’ reaction on the LGBT-inclusive curriculum. Nafir Afzal, a former chief prosecutor for North West England who is in charge of talks between the council, parents and teachers, told Sky News that these protests endanger the school staff. Afzal said talks between parents and teachers over the issue had not been successful and that there are people who are not related to the school anyhow and they are deliberately misinforming parents about what is taught there. “I’ve seen people walking around outside of that school with stuff that they have downloaded from the internet suggesting [gay sex issues are] on the curriculum. This is what’s being taught to their children. It’s a lie. And this is what I’m dealing with.” Earlier this year, the school’s head teacher Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson said she had been receiving threats by phone and email over LGBT+ lessons taking place in the school. The threatening messages are being investigated by police.


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