Caster Semenya appeals court ruling banning her from competing


South African runner Caster Semenya has filed an appeal against a ruling that ordered her to stop competing against women until her testosterone level drops. It means that she must undergo drug therapy if she wants to continue her career. Semenya has a female anatomy from birth and identifies as female too, she has naturally-high testosterone levels, has been fighting against the imposition of International Association of Athletics Federations rules that require women competing in women’s sports to meet a maximum testosterone threshold. Semenya filed an appeal before the Swiss Federal Supreme Court on May 29, saying that she is not going to take testosterone-blocking drugs to be able to show that she is who she has always been – a successful female athlete. The athlete also sent thanks “to those around the world who continue to support her efforts to secure her right to run free.” She will ask the Swiss court to consider whether the IAAF’s policy violates her right to freedom from discrimination, right to physical integrity, right to economic freedom, and respect for human dignity.


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