China condemns marriage equality in Taiwan


A spokesperson for the Chinese government made it clear that his country is not going to follow the Taiwanese example of extending the definition of marriage to include same-sex couples. According to Reuters, a spokesperson for China’s Taiwan Affairs Office, An Fengshan, addressed the issue of same-sex marriage in a news briefing. Taiwan’s autonomy has never been recognized by China, they believe Taiwan to be their region and do not think it has a legal right to redefine any laws. An Fengshan told reporters that the office had “noted reports on the island” about same-sex couples being allowed to marry, but said that on the “mainland” marriage will be defined as a monogamous heterosexual union and will remain such. It is legal to be gay in China, but LGBT+ people are still commonly subject to discrimination and state censorship. The country does not permit same-sex marriage, though some regions do recognize overseas same-sex unions in limited circumstances. Hong Kong, which maintains autonomy from mainland China, made spousal visas available to same-sex couples for the first time after a court ruling in 2018.


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