Londoners held a vigil in memory of Texas trans woman


A small crowd gathered outside the US Embassy in London on May 29th to mourn over the death of the trans woman of color named Muhlaysia Booker, who was brutally murdered in the city of Dallas a few days before. Standing in a semi circle around photos of Booker, people from London’s LGBTQ+ community held candles and took it in turns to speak about the importance of her life and the sadness brought by her death. “She is important even to those who didn’t know her, and she is remembered,” Ren, 24, said. “For as long as someone somewhere is demonstrating, is remembering, is holding a candle and thinking of her.” Others used the vigil as a platform to condemn transphobic violence in the whole world. Julian, who was born in Texas, said “Muhlaysia was the second black trans woman to be killed in Dallas in just six months. And what about all the other cities in America, all the people we don’t know about? In Texas, murdering a trans person is not recorded as a hate crime. And change is slow in America. We’ve got a long way to go.”


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