Matt Bomer to host Pete Buttigieg’s fundraiser


Openly gay actor Matt Bomer is set to host a fundraiser for the Democratic presidential hopeful later this month. He revealed that he and his publicist husband Simon Halls will host the fundraiser, but that they are not officially endorsing him just yet. Bomer admires Buttigieg and believes him to be capable enough to rule the country. “It is kind of a getting-to-know-you and throwing in our hat to support him as best we can. I think it’s amazing that we have him as a candidate and it is legendary and historic and it’s just kind of the icing on the cake that he is also I think at this point the most qualified candidate to lead us,” said the actor. Bomer was on the podcast speaking about his new film Papi Chulo, which follows the story of an unlikely friendship between a gay weatherman and a handyman from Mexico.


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