Muslim LGBT activist says sorry for a conflict with Birmingham Pride security


Ferhan Khan, a Muslim LGBT+ activist who was wrestled to the ground by security staff at Birmingham Pride, admits he was to blame for this incident too and apologizes. Khan was tackled by security staff who found him in a ticketed area without a wristband. A three-minute video published by local news outlet I Am Birmingham shows Khan going through the restricted area with other Muslim LGBT activists who came to support the gay teacher Andrew Moffat and his LGBT-inclusive anti-bullying program. It then cuts to them being tackled and restrained by three security officers, one of whom attempts to block a bystander from filming the incident. Later, an armed police officer is seen looking on as Khan argues with staff over the absent wristband. I still have concerns about how I was physically removed and about the tone and conduct of the security company. This deserves to be looked at independently of how the circumstances arose,” Khan added, saying that this situation still needs investigation


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