Peppa Pig fans ask for queer representation


Peppa Pig fans have started a petition calling on writers to have at least one same-sex family in the popular animated series. It has never happened, though the story of Peppa lasts for 15 years. Now, more than 17,000 have signed a petition demanding the arrival of a same-sex parent family, because children who watch Peppa are at that age when they form their picture of the world and they deserve to know that families are different. Children from dame-sex parents will watch Peppa and see that there is nothing wrong, and they won’t be bullied because their peers who watched it will understand it as well. The Peppa Pig petition isn’t the first attempt to introduce some LGBT+ representation to the show. In 2015, then Liberal Democrat leadership hopeful Norman Lamb called on broadcasters to “realize that sexuality is not, fundamentally, about who you want to have sex with – but who you are, and who you love.”


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