British MP Dominic Raab says it should not be easier to change gender


The British politician came under fire for saying that he sees no necessity of changing the gender recognition laws in order to ease the procedure of legal recognition of the transgender person’s real gender. ‘I certainly don’t think I want to make [gender affirmation] easier,’ he said, ‘I think you need to be very careful with young people that age’. He said that he was for all people feeling comfortable in their own skin, bur some aspects of trans debates (schools, prisons etc.) arer seriously bothering him. ‘We need to be a society that which is small-L liberal, tolerant, and open and warm to the LGBTI community. But I also worry about the vulnerabilities of other people, whether it’s women in prisons or children at a very tender age in school. So, we need to get the balance right,’ he added. At the same time he said that he supported LGBT community and was for equality in general. Being asked about the issue of women’s rights he said he would not call himself a feminist.


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