Tory politician Esther McVey: It depends on parents whether to teach kids about LGBT


Tory leader hopeful Esther McVey has said she thinks that the final word on whether children should attend LGBT-inclusive school lessons or not should be given to their parents. As homophobic protests continue outside schools across Birmingham, the Work and Pensions Secretary h believes that if parents want to withdraw their children from any lessons then, she believes, they should be fgiven such an opportunity. I believe parents know best for children,’ McVey said, live from Salford, in Greater Manchester. ‘And whilst they’re still children – and you’re talking there in primary schools – then really the parents need to have the final say in what they want their children to know. The final say is with the parents. And if parents want to take their young children, that’s primary school children, out of certain forms of sex education, relationship education, then that is down to them.’ At the same time she condemns protests outside the school, urging the protesters to grow up mentally and to behave as mature and intelligent people.


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