Australian surgeon is charged with rape was later acquitted


A top Australian surgeon charged with rape after allegedly removing his condom during otherwise-consensual gay sex (a practice known as stealthing) has been officially permitted to continue his medical practice. The surgeon was arrested in 2018 after allegedly removing his condom without permission while having a sexual encounter with a male fellow doctor. Under the laws of the Australian state of Victoria it is considered to be an act of rape. Following the purported encounter, the doctor asked the surgeon to prove his HIV status and began taking post-exposure prophylaxis medication (PEP), according to The Age. The surgeon reported his arrest to the Medical Board of Australia and had his license suspended. But after lodging a legal challenge with the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal, the surgeon was allowed to continue his medical practices. According to court documents seen by The Age, the alleged victim told the surgeon that he would not have unprotected sex with him, viewing the surgeon’s choice to take pre-exposure prophylaxis medicine (PrEP) as insufficient protection against HIV. When the alleged victim asked the surgeon why he had removed the condom, he replied: “It feels better.”


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