Lesbian couple sues a fostering agency for rejecting them


A lesbian couple in South Carolina who were turned away from a religious foster agency are launching a lawsuit against the US Department of Health. Eden Rogers and Brandy Welch, who are married, applied to foster children with Miracle Hill Ministries, the state’s largest contracted foster care agency. However, the agency refused to give children to them because they are both women. After they submitted an online application in April, Miracle Hill replied and said their application had been rejected as they have an “obligation to partner with foster parents who share our beliefs,” meaning that they are required to be active members of a Christian church. Furthermore, the rejection email said that the agency “would not be a good fit” to assist them in their willing to foster. The couple is represented by Lambda Legal, the ACLU of South Carolina and the South Carolina Equality Coalition. In a press release, they said that the agency excludes prospective foster parents who are not evangelical Protestant Christians


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