MTV introduces sexually fluid dating show


The show called Are You The One? will premiere on 26 June. It sees single contestants heading off to an exotic place to couple and re-couple. And for the first time in history of the American TV the whole cast of the show is going to be sexually fluid. The winning pair will split a $1 million prize if they couple up over the 10-week series. The relationships expert Dr. Frankie, who specializes on relationships within the LGBT community, will also be on the show to consult the cast. There are more LGBT+ characters on TV than ever before, according to a GLAAD report published last year. Viewers have seen a total of 433 regular and recurring queer characters on broadcast, cable, and streaming platforms over the past year, compared to the previous record high of 329 two years ago. The percentage of queer characters on broadcast primetime has also reached an unprecedented level, with one in 11 characters — 8.8 percent — belonging to LGBT+ spectrum


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