Trans women were not allowed to enter women-only event in Japan


Gold Finger, a Japanese women-only event, has been accused of transgender erasure. Gold Finger bills itself as “Japan’s hottest, biggest and longest-running fantasy club event since 1991,” but in recent weeks it specified that the event is for “women (cisgender) only.” Elin McCready, an American trans woman living in Tokyo, wanted to come and support her friend who was going to play a DJ set at the event, and was frustrated to find out that she would be unable to do it only because she is trans. Upon reaching the venue, a male bouncer checked McCready’s ID and announced: “Well, it does say F, but…” A staff member came to the door and asked McCready whether she was trans, and after an affirmative answer she was asked to leave. Staff then summoned organiser Chiga Ogawa. McCready said she “glanced” over before “yelling” at her DJ friend, who had told her that she would no longer be performing. “I asked her why she told [my friend] Dora I could get in and she said very emphatically, ‘I never said that. Never,’” the woman said.


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