Catholic bishop calls Pride Month harmful


An American Roman Catholic bishop Thomas Tobin, 71, has said that Catholics should not support any Pride month events because he considers them to be beyond the Catholic faith and morality, which is especially harmful for children. Twitter audience reacted on this remark immediately. “A reminder that Catholic priests were molesting kids for decades, and then tried hard to cover it up,” said one Twitter user. Another added, “‘Harmful for children’? Did irony just die? Can you give it the last rites? I don’t think the Catholic church will ever have a strong enough moral position again to comment on what is harmful for children! So, go and shite, Bishop!” Sue Perkins, of Great British Bake Off fame, also recommended the bishop to focus on problems within the clergy before dictating other people how to live. Actor and director David Schneider said that people who are not Catholic are not necessarily harming kids, but there are committed active Catholics who do.


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