Australian Catholic schools will stop addressing God with a pronoun ‘He’


According to Brisbane newspaper the Sunday Mail, elite Catholic schools including All Hallows, Stuartholme and Loreto College are avoiding words like “father,” “son” and “Lord” in prayers and teaching. Stuartholme girls’ school has adjusted prayers and hymns to replace the word “himself” with “Godself.” He spokesperson of this school explained that the girls deserve to know that God is revealed through Their creations, girls are God’s children as well as boys, and God’s self is not represented as male, God is not a man. God is not a woman either, because God needs no gender. Humans have features of God as they are created by God’s image, but it does not mean that features which are typical for the majority of humans (such as gender) should be applied to God. Pupils at All Hallows school refer to “the Creator, Jesus and the Holy Spirit” when making the sign of the cross, in place of the traditional gendered words ‘father’ and ‘son’ that represents 2/3 of the Trinity as males. Jesus had a human shape and this shape was male, of course, but as soon as Jesus reconnected with The Creator in the heavenly kingdom, this male shape stopped defining the personality of Christ.


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