Kirsten Gillibrand plans numerous pro-LGBT measures


Democratic presidential hopeful Kirsten Gillibrand has set out plans for sweeping reforms in an LGBT+ policy plan. Starting her primaries campaign on June 1st (symbolically, that is when the Pride month started), Gillbrand promised to enact several pro-LGBT laws. In part, she vowed to ban anti-LGBT discrimination and conversion therapy practices on the federal level, as well as to legalize the X gender marker alongside the M and F in the identity documents. In a blog post, she explained that civil rights of LGBTQ Americans are one of the key priorities for her and unfortunately she cannot say that the current administration is moving in the right direction when it comes to this issue. “I’ll push for proactive policies to ensure all Americans can live free from discrimination and bigotry based on their gender identity or sexual orientation,” she wrote. The plan also includes pledges to “ensure that asylum claims of LGBTQ people fleeing persecution are recognized so that they may reach safety” and to “stand up to any country and leader who allows the persecution of LGBTQ people.”


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