Ruby Rose sees nothing unusual in her character’s lesbian relationships


Ruby Rose has said that Batwoman’s relationship will be no different from any other romantic relationships we see and get involved into in our everyday life. But it might come as a surprise for the watchers, because, unfortunately, media often misrepresent same-sex relationships, emphasizing on their ‘specialty’ and ‘difference’ not in the best meaning of these words. The lesbian actress said that many screenwriters use the same model of showing women in relationships with women: “Like, ‘Oh, my gosh, you’re my best friend and we’re having a slumber party in high school!’ It’s fine, because that is a way that still represents and still speaks to a legitimate way that people get together in relationships. But it also feels like we have to do more explaining than when it’s just a heterosexual couple.” But as for Batwoman, she is just in love and she does not bother about explanations. “And that I love, because as much as I love representation in any way, shape or form, I don’t think I’ve seen it normalized as much as this,” Rose added.


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