Sikh brain scientist celebrated Pride with a rainbow turban


Jiwandeep Kohli, a Sikh, bisexual baker and brain scientist, marked the beginning of Pride month with a Twitter post showing how perfectly his religion can be combined with his bisexuality. “I’m proud to be a bisexual bearded baking brain scientist. I feel fortunate to be able to express all these aspects of my identity, and will continue to work toward ensuring the same freedom for others,” he wrote. The man explained that the idea of a rainbow turban came to him years ago but he had to practice a lot to fulfill it. It was not at all easy to make colored strips lay the way they should to form a rainbow. “One of my normal black turbans that I supplemented with strips of other colors in exactly the right places. Took about an hour of tying, untying, and safety pinning, but totally worth it!” he wrote in another tweet. Seeing that the public liked the photo a lot, he said he was overwhelmed and grateful for living in such an accepting and supportive community.


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