Body of a black trans woman was pulled out of the lake


Dallas police are investigating after another black transgender woman was found dead in Texas, with police called to White Rock Lake on June 1st as people who passed by noticed the floating corpse. The body was pulled out of the lake by a Texas game warden, one of the first to arrive on the scene, there was no time to wait for the police because the body could float deeper into the lake. The body was not immediately identified, but police and the Dallas County Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed that a dead person was a black transgender female. Her name was not revealed because her relatives are yet to be notified and only they are to decide whether to reveal her identity to the public or not. “Right now the police department is actively looking to see if these assaults and murders have any connection. We haven’t been able to affirm a link,” said Dallas police major Vincent Weddington. A cause of death has not yet been confirmed but a press conference is expected to take place imminently.


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