George Michael’s boyfriend and ex-partner will receive nothing from his fortune


The Sun reported that court paperwork issued on May 30 means Michael’s estate can finally be divided, two-and-a-half years after the musician’s death. The main heritors are his family – sisters Yioda and Melanie and father Kyriacos. Other beneficiaries of the will include Michael’s publicist Connie Filippello, his best friend and producer David Austin, his cousin Alex Georgiou and his former personal assistant Michelle May, The Sun claimed. It was reported that his artwork, antiques and John Lennon’s piano will go to The Mill Charitable Trust, which was set up by Michael in 2009 to make donations to various causes. Michael’s publicist Filippello declined to comment on the singer’s boyfriend Fadi Fawaz and the former partner of 13 years (1996-2009) Kenny Goss inheriting nothing. Fawaz refuses to leave a house where he lived with Michael. The singer’s family try to make him leave, but Fawaz insists George would want him to stay there.


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