Teammates plea in support of a gay rugby player who was deported back to Kenya


Ken Macharia had his asylum application rejected by the British Home office on June 3rd. The Bristol Bisons player has lived in the UK for 10 years and has been fighting deportation since October 2016, but was told to leave the country and to go back to his native Kenya where he might be in the best case sent to jail and in the worst case subjected to a hate crime attack. Macharia is gay, and it is illegal and socially disapproved in the country where he came from. Bristol Bisons captain Murray Jones said that three years of legal battle made Ken devastated and depressed, and his fellow players feel his pain and want to help. Jones condemned the “sneaky” timing of the Home Office’s latest decision, which comes as many of the Bristol Bisons team are away in Dublin and unable to support him. Jones believes there is “a very good chance” Macharia will be detained, and urged the public to sign a petition with a demand not to deport him.


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