More than half of LGBT+ employees in the US are discriminated against at work


According to the survey conducted by Glassdoor and carried out by The Harris Poll., half of LGBT Americans believe that being out to their colleagues would mean the end of their careers, and even more of them have personally dealt with different forms of anti-LGBT discrimination at work (though in majority of cases it was based on suggestions, as they prefer to stay in closet not to lose their jobs). Around 70 percent of LGBT+ employees in the US would not apply to work at a company that does not support its LGBT+ employees, the survey found. If vto talk about the general population, this number will count only 46%, meaning that less than a half of American employees (regardless of sexuality or gender identity) care about LGBT-inclusive environment at work, while for more than 2/3 of LGBT+ workers it is an issue of paramount importance. Nearly seven in 10 of the LGBT+ employees surveyed said they thought their company could offer more support to LGBT+ people. And half of employed Americans (both LGBT+ and non-LGBT+) said they believe their companies can do better at supporting their LGBT+ employees.


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