Right-wing activists in Boston initiated a ‘straight pride’


The request was filed to the Boston City Hall asking to hold the straight pride parade in the city in August with the same route and the same accommodations the LGBT Pride parade has, because otherwise straight people would feel like ‘an oppressed majority’. Already sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? The group have designed their own flags and logos, featuring male and female symbols, ahead of the march. The organizers also named the actor Brad Pitt as their “mascot” for the march, adding: “Brad is an accomplished actor, film producer, and mascot. He is a hero to straight men all around the world.” The image of the actor was used illegally, without his permission, he is not connected to the group and he is not anti-LGBT (at least he has never publicly claimed to be such). The website specifies that all are welcome at the event except “Antifa,” a reference to anti-fascism protesters. The same activists previously sought the right to fly a straight pride flag from the flag poles at Boston City Hall. Their request was denied by the city’s Democratic mayor, Marty Walsh.


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