Politician Esther McVey goes further in her comments against LGBT-inclusive education


Conservative leadership candidate Esther McVey had previously said that parents should be able to block their children from learning about same-sex relationships, and later she dug even deeper into this issue, stating to LBC’s Nick Ferrari on June 5th that to her mind parents should control what their children are taught about at least until the children turn 16. It means that she opposes mandatory LGBT-inclusive education not only in primary schools but in secondary schools as well, saying that children should reach a certain level of maturity to be independent from parents in what to learn, but as long as parents are legally responsible for them, they (parents) are o make the final choice. McVey added that she act5iually is supportive of LGBT-inclusive lessons and if she had a child she would like them to attend these lessons, but it is her choice and her opinion, she respects those who think differently and thinks they should have a right to make choices of their own


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