Rodrigo Duterte spokesman says his ‘gay cure’ joke should have made gay people happy


Rodrigo Duterte’s spokesman has said that LGBT people shouldn’t be offended by the Philippine president’s claim to have been a ‘cured’ homosexual. In response to the backlash around the President’s words, the president’s spokesman Salvador Panelo has since said that the LGBT community must have been very happy that he said it. “The remarks meant he had changed his sexual preference, what’s wrong [with that]?” the spokesman said. Duterte made his comments while asking an audience whether they thought his political opponent, Senator Antonio Trillanes, could be gay, using the word ‘gay’ as an offence. In April, he said that rival politician Florin Hilbay had “filled his office with homosexuals” while working as a solicitor general. Since becoming president in 2016, Duterte has flip-flopped on LGBT+ rights During his election campaign he said that marriage was for “Adam, Eve and the gays,” but reversed his stance upon taking office. But as of June 2018, Duterte has publicly backed same-sex unions, promising to change the law on marriage equality.


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