Madonna says Rebel Heart leak made her feel raped


The queen of pop said that having one of her previous albums hacked and leaked to the network before the official release had made her understand the feelings of rape survivors. She told The New York Time Magazine that she had never experienced such devastation and she still struggled to find words to describe the way she felt by that time, and the attribute ‘raped’ is considered the most suitable. She required some kind of recovery and she did not want to make music at all for several years. Only 4.5 years later she found courage to open up about it and to come back to music. She also said that it was the same as terror attack. People criticized Madonna for such a choice of words, because online pirates are bad people, of course, and they do bad things, but still, the consequences of the hackers’ actions are incomparable to the consequences of actual rapes and terror attacks. If to believe the pop star’s previous interviews, she must know it – Madonna revealed that she had actually survived a rape in her late teens. The diva had to delete an Instagram post containing these too sharp comparisons. One of the songs from the singer’s brand new album Madame X also contained controversial lines about rape. According to The Guardian, the track ‘Killers Who Are Partying’ includes the lyric: “I’ll be Islam if Islam is hated. I’ll be Israel if they’re incarcerated. I’ll be Native Indian if the Indian has been taken. I’ll be a woman if she’s raped and her heart is breaking.”


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