Jeremy Hunt supports LGBT-inclusive education


The British MP has shown his outstanding support to the LGBT-inclusive school lessons as he believes they spread a completely right message to the youngest generations of Brits. The Secretary of State was asked his view on teaching children about LGBT+ relationships at a hustings event on June 22mdHe said that to his mind homosexuality is quite similar to being left-handed, as it cannot be chosen or changed, but it does not mean that the person is somehow worse, and the sooner people will be able to realize it, the better. “We have to leave no stone unturned in making sure that every school, including faith schools, is making sure that we get the right messages across to our children,” he said. Hunt shared the video of his speech on Twitter with a caption: “At today’s hustings, I was asked my view on teaching schoolchildren about LGBT relationships. I believe there are happy families of all shapes and sizes in this country – and as a party we should support and celebrate that”. Unlike many Conservatives, Hunt has voted almost consistently in favor of LGBT+ rights, including same-sex marriage and the Equality Act.


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